'Bed Blocking' & Rising Death Rates

It's important for all of use that the health system is used efficiently and effectively. When older people get stuck in a medical ward when what they need is social care it is expensive not just in terms of cash, but in the way this impacts on the rest of the health service. But is it always the social care sector's fault? If your loved one is a 'self funder' there is little assistance in helping you to navigate the social care world. Often, you are provided with a list of care homes and with the help of the care provider eventually chosen, must arrange the transfer yourself. No wonder there are delays! Add to that the potential expense involved in paying the care fees and it is little wonder that the delays are exacerbated by the ever lengthening search for value for money. Those searching for care might find that the Care Co-Operative can shorten their search - they can find a care provider that recognises the value that people and families paying their full fees bring to their business by offering them a discount on the normal fee. Not only are the families assured of value, their search is shortened, and their relative can be settled in a care setting rather than becoming a 'bedblocker' (a horrible and disrespectful term) in the health service.