Care Home v Home Care

According to recent surveys, the majority of us want to receive care at home when we are older instead of going to live in a care home. However, this may not always be possible, depending on your needs in later life.

Care homes with or without nursing care are both places you can live alone or with a spouse and have your needs met by trained staff.  Some homes offer specialist care for dementia and other debilitating illnesses.

We look at the pros and cons of care homes and home care.

Care Homes

  • Professional and trained staff are always available
  • You won’t be lonely and there will often be activities organised
  • You will be safe and secure
  • There will be no household bills to pay
  • Meals will be prepared for you
  • You may feel you have lost your independence
  • Pets may not be allowed
  • You may miss friends and neighbours
  • It is possible you may not enjoy the company of other residents
  • You may find yourself too far away from family and friends
Home Care

  • You will stay in your own home
  • You  remain independent and have full control over the support you receive
  • The value of your home is not taken into account when the local authority calculates how much you have to pay for your care
  • If you choose 24-hour residential care you will have someone in the house with you at all times
  • If you only choose to have a carer for a few hours a day you may feel lonely the rest of the time
  • You could feel at risk when you are alone
  • If your home has to be modified to cater for your requirements, this could affect the value of the property
  • You may not appreciate support workers coming into your home
  • You will still have the cost of maintaining your house
Care provider fees can vary around the country but your local social services department will give you an idea how much you need to pay for services arranged through them.

However, if your capital and savings exceed £23,250 you may need to contact a private care agency or care home and make your own enquiries about care fees.