Helping to choose the right care service for your parents

Every person is different and everyone’s requirements are different when it comes to elderly care. Some people may still be living a healthy life while others are suffering debilitating illness which will gradually get worse. When you have decided between yourselves that your parent needs more care than you are qualified or able to give, consider alternative care options to best suit their needs. If your parents suffer increased mobility problems, are unable to perform basic personal care tasks, such as bathing or using the toilet or require more hours of care than you are able to provide, this may be the time to start discussing alternative care with them. If you find yourself becoming frustrated, exhausted or both with your aging parent, their move to a different and professional environment may be a breath of fresh air for both of you. Residential and Nursing Homes If your parent can no longer mange in the community or in their own home without sufficient care, a residential home or nursing home may be the answer, depending on their specific needs

Residential homes are not dissimilar to sheltered housing except that your parent will not own or rent a room or apartment, and that many areas, such as the lounge and dining rooms are communal. Residents are encouraged to live as independently as possible although basic care needs are looked after. In cases of illness or emergencies, ambulances or GP’s will attend to the residents. Nursing homes, however will always have at least one registered nurse on duty and can provide in-house medical care. This may include taking blood samples or managing specific illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Care will be provided in a nursing home on a 24 hour basis and the home will often have the ability to treat certain conditions without having to contact a GP or alert emergency services. Which care home? Once you have decided the time is right for your parent to move into a care facility, take your time to find the right home for them. Helping to move your parent into a home is life changing event for them and a very important one for the family.

Discuss your options, and don’t be rushed into finding the right location and a safe environment which will give you and your parent peace of mind. The home needs to be easily accessible for you and the family and your parent’s medical and all-round care needs must be met. Ask as many questions as you need to when you visit a care home about amenities, facilities, recreation, food and anything else which may be of concern. Once you have found the right care home for your parent or family member, you can relax in the knowledge that they will enjoy a secure environment in the best possible hands .